Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Fond Memory

A Fond Memory

                                                       My First Time Going To Valleyfair
                                                               By:  Hailey Stoychoff

My fond memory is when I went to Valley Fair for the first time.  I went with my brother Christian and his girl friend Josie, and Tanner's Mom Jenny, my sister Lexi, and my mom Sheri.  When we got to Valleyfair we where soooooo excited!!!!!!!  We wanted to go EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But first we went on the log ride A BUNCH!  Then we went on some spinning rides, one you could lay down on and we went on that ride 2 times!  Next went into a shop to get a snack and a thing that will remind us about Valley Fair.  After that we when on a few more rides, even some of the same ones.  Then it started to get dark out, so we started heading home and on the way back we where talking about it until we drifted off into a deep sleep. When we got home our parents had to wake us up I was soooo tired but I was still excited.  When we got into the house our dog Max was soooo excited.  Then we took a steaming hot shower, got our warm cozy pajamas on, got in our beds and fell fast asleep.
The End 

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