Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stranded On an Island

 Stranded On an Island                     By: Hailey Stoychoff

Once, a long time ago on a hot summer day, a group of 15, 16, and 17 year old kids named Alex the funny one, Samantha the strict one, Jack the adventurous one, and Joe the hard working one.  They all got on a wonderful brown boat, and sailed across the Atlantic ocean.  They sailed all day, and all night until one night a HUGE storm hit!  Alex was getting their food, Jack and Joe were trying to keep the boat from getting wrecked, and Samantha was making sure EVERYBODY was trying to help out, and that they were doing it right. Until, they hit a HUGE rock and the boat sank and they all fell into a deep, deep, sleep.
        At dawn when the beautiful sun rose, Samantha woke up stranded on an island with beautiful golden sand and a beautiful waterfall.  She sat there for a while, and admired the beautiful island.  Then she started screaming at the top of her lungs Alex! Joe! Jack! Where are you?  After a while, she found them fast asleep in the golden sand, and once she saw them she tried to wake them up.  They all opened their eyes very slowly wondering where they were at.  Once they all got on the same page, Jack and Joe started looking for some delicious, and healthy food with some spears that were made with sharp rocks for the top, and long thick sticks for the handle.  As they were searching they found a dirty green bottle and they cleaned it off and filled it with water at the beautiful, refreshing waterfall, and Alex and Samantha were trying to build a shelter with big, long thick sticks for the boarder, dead mossy tree bark for the walls,  messy mud for glue, dead grass for the roof, and slimly seaweed to hold the shelter together.  After a wile, they were all done.  The house looked great, and they had enough healthy food for about a week.  Samantha and Alex asked, "Where did you get all that food?"  Jack and Jo said, "In the forest."  Samantha and Alex said, "Oh."  Jack and Jo said, "The house looks great!"  Samantha and Jack said, "Thanks!"  "Glad you like it!" Samantha said. 
        Everybody yawned Jack said, "I think we should get some good nights rest."
        The next day everybody got up and Samantha got a delicious smelling breakfast ready and everybody got up and Samantha said, "How about we find some long thick sticks and some slimly seaweed, and maybe some big leaves and start building a sail?"  Alex said, "I like it here it is nice and quite, we don't get peace and quiet very often."  Jack said, "Yeah I think we should stay here."  Jack said, "Can we?"  Then, Joe said, "Yeah can we?"  Samantha said, "Well all right."  I guess we could stay for a little while longer."  Alex, Joe,
 and Jack shouted, "YAY!"
        So, they stayed for a while until they had to go home, so, Samantha, Alex, Joe, and Jack built a sail and eventually, they got home and told EVERYBODY the AMAZING adventures they had.
                                                                                The End 

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