Friday, January 17, 2014

My Snow Fort

My Snow Fort

                  By: Hailey Stoychoff

Hi my name is Hailey Stoychoff, I am in Mr. Puttmann's fourth grade class, and we are building snow forts. We are trying to get you to come to our fort instead of someone else's. First of all ours is HUGE, it's roomy, and it feels like home when you walk in. In addition, it is very colorful and vibrant because we put food coloring all over the walls and more! Our fort is filled with furniture, stands, and we even have a fireplace that we drew on the wall with food coloring! It even has windows! In, conclusion, our fort has an area of 187 feet squared, the perimeter is 62 feet, and the volume is 1,122 feet cubed. Our fort is 6 feet tall has a length of 17 feet and the width is 12 feet! I told you it was HUGE! In case you were wondering, we are doing this because we a
re learning our perimeter, volume, area, height, length, and width in math class, so we are building snow forts and trying to find out all that but, we already did ours like I said earlier. We also are doing a contest to see whose fort is the best witch, I think we might win but if we win or not I will always think our fort is the best because we made it with team work! I hope you           pick our fort! 

The End

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