Monday, April 28, 2014




By: Hailey J. Stoychoff

     I wake up to the blue birds singing a BEAUTIFUL song and the sun shining through the glass.  My mom gets up and says, "It's time to go clothes shopping!"  "It's summer!"  We all LOVE SHOPPING for summer clothes!  So I  get ready, and I jump in the car!  First, we go to Target.  Then, we go to Wal-Mart.  Lastly we go to Kohl's!  I got LOT So of new stuff like ... Shorts, swim suits, shoes, dresses, tops, and leggings!        The next day I get my pool stuff ready to go to the clear lake pool, I hopped into the car and we took off!  I couldn't wait to see my friends we play LOTS of games together, like  tag and find me!  When I got there, I saw my friends waving to me.  I said, "Let's go swimming!"  We swam all day!  I ate some ice cream, some cheese sticks and more!  They were SO delicious!  I can't get enough of the food the pool has it is SO good!        Then I go home and get my pajamas on, take a shower and my mom tucks me into bed and seals it with a hug and a kiss!                                                                  The very next day I asked my mom and dad to see if we can go camping!  We watched the animals jump all around, and we went in the woods and explored!  We saw ... deer, birds, and other insects!  It was SO much fun!        A few months later we go to Manatwalkee, Wisconsin, to see my grandma for a few days!  I went to a pond with my grandpa, and we caught some frogs! Frog hunting it is so much fun!  We were all out looking for frogs, and I  caught a HUGE one.  My grandma plants some flowers in the summer, and the flowers smell amazing!  We went for ice cream, and we made some cookies!  Her cookies are THE BEST!        After an AMAZING SUMMER, it was time to go to school again!                                                                     The End! 


Thursday, April 17, 2014


The BEST  TEACHER EVER!                        By: Hailey J.  Stoychoff
In the halls,
Laughing and playing all around!
Bouncing, bouncing up and down!

Fell and got hurt
But then a teacher came around!

He was so nice, he barely yelled!
He gave me hugs and happiness!

We spent the year together.
And no matter what happens we will ALWAYS be there for each other!

To: Mr. E
- Hailey/Stoychoff 2

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Play The Drawing Game 

 By: Hailey & Tanner 
1. Get 2 players or more. 
2. Get a pencil and some paper.
3. Decide which one of you are the drawer. 
4. Think of something or someone to draw. 
5. Once you are done with the drawing let the other person guess what it is. 
6. Don’t tell ANYONE what it is! 
7. If they get it right they get 1 point. 
8. Then the next person gets to draw. 
9. And you keep guessing what you think the drawing is. 
10. The person with the most points wins! 
11. Play the game and have fun!